Broil King Signet 90

The Broil King Signet 90 Reviewed

Model: Signet 90 986784 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

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Review Date: June 30, 2012

Rating: Broil King Signet 90 Review RatingBroil King Signet 90 Review RatingBroil King Signet 90 Review RatingBroil King Signet 90Broil King Signet 90 Review Rating (4.4 / 5)

Summary: The Broil King Signet 90 is a liquid propane gas grill which also comes in a natuaral gas option. It boasts 400 square inches of primary cooking space and will easily reach 700F within 10 minutes. A top quality product and certainly a rival to the Weber Genesis.

Broil King 986784 Signet 90 Features:

  • 40000 BTU main burner
  • 15000 BTU rear rotisserie burner
  • Dials conveniently situated at the front
  • Stainless steel flav-r-wave cooking system
  • 635-Square inch total cooking space with 400-Square inch primary cooking space
  • 3 Stainless steel dual-tube burners and flav-r-zone heat partitions
  • Therma-cast aluminum oven with stainless steel wrap
  • Top quality rotisserie spit and motor with heavy duty cast iron cooking grids
  • 62.2 x 23.2 x 48.4 inches
  • Large deep Oven

At 5’2” long, the Broil King Signet 90 is a bbq rotisserie to be reckoned with and this one shows high quality design throughout.

If you’ve been looking for a grill built to last and built to be used, you’ve surely found a great candidate, so let’s dive in and take a better look.

Featuring the famous Broil King Flav-R Wave technology for even heat distribution and the special grooved cooking grids to continually baste your meat, this machine is up there with the best of the high end propane gas grills, without carrying a huge top end price tag.

For those not in the know, Flav-R Wave is a wavy stainless steel sheet and it sits above the burners to improve heat distribution. It also vaporize drips to keep the gas outlets open and flavor the meat as it cooks. Watch the video below to see how it in action.

You’ll Never Be Short Of Cooking Space Again

The Signet 90 has 3 stainless steel burners and the trade-marked Flav-R zone heat partitioning. You get over 635 inches of cooking area and a back rotisserie that packs some punch with 15000 BTU. Included is a rotisserie kit with heavy duty cast iron cooking grids At the front you’ve got the therma-cast aluminum oven and plenty of draw space.

Described as awesome and an exceptional performer, people who buy the Signet 90 absolutely love it and write great reviews. Why? Because in the author’s opinion, it cooks with a high quality performance you can’t better, that’s why! Check out this video from Broil King then read on.

Perfect Steak? No Problem…

A meat searing top heat of 700F is reached in about 12 minutes and it will get hotter, though you’d truly vaporize chicken! The controls are very accurate, meaning you save time and gas. The heat is beautifully even which is reflected in gourmet results every time. Because the controls are very accurate, searing steak then turning the heat back to cook it, is instantaneous in response, a real plus in our view.

Side burners can be a let down and not gain or hold enough heat, again windy day’s are out for using them. And again the Signet 90 comes through with great engineering and design, these side burners will cook as well as the others do.

One constant irritable complaint about smaller bbq rotisseries and charcoal ones in particular, is poor performance on a windy day – and when you plan a barbeque you can’t control the weather! Well you don’t need to worry anymore, because again the Signet 90 is reported by delighted owners including the author, as a windy weather wonder when cooking outdoors which is great news for all us winter barbeque fans.

The rear-burner and rotisserie is very easy to install or remove, giving you extra space to cook steaks or burgers when you need to. The rotisserie spit and accessories are like the rest of this grill, high quality and robust.

Phone a Friend…Or Even Two

Building anything that comes flat packed is a challenge for some, us included. However, good engineering and solid parts made this a comfortable assembly in the end. Some of the smaller nuts and bolts were a real pain until a neighbors son intervened with his smaller hands – sorted! In total it took about three and a quarter hours of not very hard work, interspersed with a beer or two – just to keep hydrated of course!

When you get it built it is a well solid item that weighs in at about 123lb, so you can’t describe as portable – which is not to say you can’t easily re-position it, don’t forget the Signet 90 runs around easily on the wheels provided.

You Just Know This Is Built To Last For Years

If you’re looking for a barbeque rotisserie grill that will feed 10 easily and then some, last for years and that will cook in poor weather, the Broil King Signet 90 represents excellent value and is very highly recommended.

What’s Good

  • The overall quality is fantastic – You just know this will last for years
  • Speed of heat response – gets hot quickly, doesn’t waste gas
  • Temperature and controls are very flexible making it possible to cook just about anything to perfection

What’s Not So Good

  • Construction was tricky and may be difficult for anyone with disabilities or problems with their hands
  • Some packaging and shipping problems

What Sucks

  • Unusually, nothing!

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broil king grills

For those of us who totally love barbeques, grilling and rotisserie cooking, the Broil King range offers an awesome top end top quality alternative to Weber appliances.

If you’re serious about buying American products as well as great grilling, then take note that these are all manufactured in North America and all sell at considerably less than other well known brands!

Broil King have several different ranges for gas and charcoal plus a range of portable grills as outlined below.

The Monarch range includes the Broil King Monarch 20 Natural Gas Grill, which as it says will run on natural gas – a boon if you live where there are propane use restrictions.

Boasting that their smaller grills are just as power packed as a larger one, BK back it up with BTU figures that when compared with other brands do support the claim.

More importantly so do the people who bought one already and are amazed at how fast it reaches searing temperature for meat – just minutes to 600°F.

Even the budget Monarch series have cool to the touch handles, rust proofed aluminum ovens, stainless steel components and use the Super 8 Infinity Burners.

They also incorporate the stainless steel Flav-R-Wave cooking system, an amazing design – a corrugated stainless steel panel which distributes heat very evenly and simultaneously protects the burners whilst rapidly vaporizing drippings for that super special barbecue flavour.

Not bad for the more basic models!

Gone are the days when you needed a table beside your grill to hold everything except the food. Broil King clearly put a lot of thought into designing their grills to offer space to cook, plus draws to hold utensils and all those other bits you have to juggle if no shelves or draws are provided! Check out this video from Broil King – then read on.

Clean design also means easy-clean appliances and these are – five stars for those two points alone.

Built to last, they also boast a lifetime warranty on the cast aluminum components and then 5 years on the stainless steel components and burner system, plus 2 years on all remaining parts and paint.

Pretty confident engineering and manufacturing, which should inspire confidence and reassure anyone looking to buy a grill that lasts more than a year! Comments of BBQ forums are all complimentary about the customer services and part replacement policy.

Each of the gas grill range has a different specification and are listed just below in descending order from highest specification to the lower end spec and the negative comments are right there at the bottom.

Gas Grills (Pictured top left is the Broil King Signet 90)

  • Imperial Series
  • Sovereign Series
  • Crown Series
  • Regal Series
  • Signet Series
  • Monarch Series

Portable: (Pictured center left the Chef Pro)

  • Porta Chef Pro
  • Porta Chef
  • Porta Chef (s)

Charcoal: (Pictured bottom left, this is a top end double steel walled and insulated kamado style smoker and convection grill)

  • Broiler King Keg

Negative Issues

Lacking in many models is a rotisserie which we think is a shame, especially as the Broil King grills all have the facilities for one! However, even buying a separate rotisserie you will still save anything up to $400 on top end machines, so don’t let it put you off.

As far as the grills are concerned, nothing, period, zero – and all customers seem to be delighted with the quality of their Broil King appliances.

There have been historic complaints about the packaging and shipping including damage in transit. However, Broil King has apparently got a golden customer service team as all complainants report immediate no quibble replacement if damaged.

Furthermore to update you on this, the most recent reviews all comment on this shipping problem and indicate the shipping issues have stopped – so maybe they changed the delivery company.

Broiler King are producing top quality grills and barbeque rotisseries to suit most budgets and family needs. If you are thinking of investing in a new grill this summer, do yourself a favor and have a look at them, because for the same quality product in other brand names you can save yourself a bunch of money, and these grills are built to last.


Broil King Grills

GrillPro 60090Barbeque Rotisserie Cooking is Low Fat, Healthy & Totally Delicious

One of the healthiest ways to cook meat because it needs no fat adding to it and even better, the cooking process removes fat in large quantities.

The end product when you opt for rotisserie cooking over traditional roasting, is succulent very tender flavorsome meat positively zinging with the fragrant marinade used to infuse the meat before cooking, and very little fat

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Food lovers watching either their weight, cholesterol or both, can relax knowing they are eating meat prepared in the healthiest way possible by quite literally barbequing excess fat away and therefore not into you. Obviously with the home rotisseries, you can do this anytime you like in your own kitchen, so healthier low fat eating becomes a way of life, not just another endless diet.

So How Does The Humble Barbeque Rotisserie Work This Magic?

When you fry or stew meat flavors have to be added by using stock, onions and herbs. With a barbeque rotisserie the meat loses the fat but retains most of the meat juices which are naturally packed with flavor, enhanced by the cooking time.

They physically work by a motor within the rotisserie turning meat on a spit slowly over an often longer cooking time, exposing the surface of the meat only briefly to direct heat with each circuit.

A big worry with some people before they use a barbeque rotisserie is that they will under-cook some of the meat and overcook other bits. There is no need to worry at all, because the automatic rotation will always ensure even cooking throughout the meat, while you relax.

Another advantage of home rotisseries is their ability to cook a big joint of meat and thick slabs of ribs, absolutely perfect for family parties. No matter what the celebration, you’ll have great party food with minimal effort and because the cooking time is a little longer you can safely start the meat cooking early on, leaving you free to finish preparations and get ready yourself.

If you have a high-end oven already in your kitchen, then you can almost certainly add a rotisserie attachment to it, hey presto – rotisserie barbecue any time you like.

Eat out rotisserie is both popular – and expensive

There’s no two ways about it, eating out at a rotisserie restaurant isn’t getting any cheaper. Yet with any of the featured barbeque rotisseries you can treat the whole family to generous portions of healthy food with your own rotisserie, for a fraction of the cost. You don’t have to worry about having a beer and then driving the family home either, so go grab that chilled bottle and enjoy.

Barbeque rotisserie cooking is universally popular so you won’t lack for recipes either. Marinating isn’t a prerequisite to great flavored meats, but it does give you lots of options to add spices and herbs. For example, you could try leaving your pork joint in white wine and apple juice for a few hours before putting it on the spit.

Barbecue Rotisserie

Your our own barbeque rotisserie is an investment in flavor and healthy eating, so if you are sitting on the fence, go dive into some home rotisserie reviews and pick out one that’s right for you. I promise you won’t regret it.

electric rotisserie

Electric Rotisserie Like Baby George Are Compact

Delicious succulent meat and chicken every time you cook, has caused huge numbers of families to buy gas or electric rotisserie ovens for home use and benefit from healthy low fat eating as well.

One of the main decisions facing anyone buying a home rotisserie is whether to go the gas or electric route and there are plenty to choose from, whichever direction you take.

However, there are some differences between them including initial purchase price and running costs, which may make one more suited to your family than the other.

Gas Rotisseries

For mobile meals these is no choice, you just have to go for gas. They came along way before their compact electric rotisserie cousins and are commonly seen in restaurants and out at big barbeque parties. Though bear in mind if you go camping and have access to power, an electric rotisserie oven is small and portable.

This leads us nicely to the issue of size. Now gas barbeques are certainly the big brother of home rotisseries and not necessarily best suited to a smaller kitchen, where once on your worktop, there won’t be a lot of space left over to move! So unless you have at least a medium sized kitchen or an added utility area, think electric.

Running costs can be cheaper with a gas rotisserie depending on how often you use it. Electricity has increased in price and can prove costly at peak rimes, whereas gas is a predetermined price and costs the same to use no matter what time of day or night it is. That said, gas rotisseries are more expensive to buy initially than electric and come in at $70-$200 for a home use appliance, compared to $40-$100 for the electric version.

Gas rotisseries are faster to respond to increased or decreased temperatures. As soon as you turn the gas up or down the temperature will respond, whereas electric rotisserie take a little longer both to increase the heat and to reduce it.

If you have a large family or are planning to buy for an organization such as a charity or kids club, then a gas rotisserie is probably the more practical way to go.

Electric Rotisseries – Very Popular For Smaller Families?

Smaller, lighter and less expensive than a gas rotisserie, the new models of electric rotisseries are perfect for smaller houses and apartments and a great addition to your holiday home on the beach.

If space is tight in your kitchen take a look at either this baby George Foreman Rotisserie which only needs about 18in of counter space, or the Cuisinart Vertical Rotisserie because it really is compact and designed with space in mind. As touched on above, home electric rotisserie are also compact enough to take on camping trips provided the site gives you access to power for your caravan or camper.

Electric versions are ideal for lighter users who only intend occasional use, or for when the kids have left the nest and you are mostly cooking for one or two – until they start arriving with the grand-kids!

Keep in mind you can always upgrade later if you need more cooking power and this is a better idea than having a big gas rotisserie that takes up a lot of room and doesn’t get used frequently.

Electric Rotisseries

Yes the cost of running them may be a little higher, but if you are new to rotisserie ovens and cooking in them or have limited space, you won’t be disappointed with the performance or an electric rotisserie and believe me, the meat is just as juicy, succulent and filled with flavor.

chicken rotisserieChicken Rotisserie Tastes Amazing And Is Low Fat Too

Chicken is the most popular and undoubtedly the healthiest of meats we eat, and it’s just perfect for chicken rotisserie.

Barbeque rotisserie cooked chicken is actually a form of roasting that brings in all of the benefits of indirect heat, like basting and fat removal, minus the usual problems of conventional heating such as drying and burning on the outside. How is this even possible?

Chicken Rotisseries Are Far More Than Plain Roasting

Roasting is a simply delicious way to cook chicken and is deservedly the favorite way of eating it but home rotisseries beat plain oven roasting hands down for moist succulent flavor, so how?

The secret is all in the spit which enables the chicken to be smoothly slowly rotated, thus cooking the bird evenly throughout and dripping the fat away. Because the meat is only subjected to direct heat once a turn, the chicken juices are retained, packing the meat with flavor, rather than being evaporated away as with direct heat conventional roasting, which also dries meat and chicken in particular, out.

No one is suggesting you absolutely must stop basting, but with a chicken rotisserie you really don’t have to, the chicken will be moist even if you don’t touch through the cooking process. As the bird turns, so the juices naturally baste it all over, sadly more efficiently than you can!

Flavors can be added either through dry rubs or marinating the chicken overnight. Adding tiny slits in the skin to allow the marinade or rub to seep though into the meat is a good idea. Did you forget to marinade overnight? No worries, you can quickly add fragrant flavor by popping a lemon or orange onto the spit inside the chicken and this works brilliantly with duck as well. You may need to cook for 10 minutes more.

Dry rubs are made from combinations of spices and/or herbs.  You can buy them and can choose from literally thousands of recipes. Alternatively why not have fun and make your own up from favorite flavors, just let those taste buds get creative.

Speed, superior flavor and healthy eating are three great reasons you should join millions of others and consider investing in one of the many barbeque rotisserie appliances on the market. First though, check your own oven because it may have the capability to accommodate a rotisserie spit, in which case you can get marinating right now!

Dedicated rotisserie spits are surprisingly affordable though, so if your cooker isn’t already primed don’t despair, there will be one within your budget.  Where once you ate out, a succulent chicken rotisserie meal, ribs or steak can be cooked at home anytime you want, just the way you love it. Rotisserie restaurants are around in plenty, but cost $35 each time, something to think about anyway.

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