recipes rotisserie chickenLow Fat Rotisserie Cooking Is Healthy For All Of Us

Do you know someone who is diabetic?

Well, if you don’t, that will change in the near future.

Why? Because this destructive silent killer is on the prowl in mostly everything we eat that is either processed or ready made food, and the number of us diagnosed each year is now growing at a frightening pace – my husband being one of them.

Firstly it’s only fair to say we didn’t get into low fat rotisserie cooking voluntarily. Oh no, not sensible middle aged us – we waited until healthy eating was way more than a choice.

It all happened very fast, triggered by a large course of steroids for an asthma attack after flu (yep, despite the jab) and the next thing we knew his blood sugar was off the chart, quite literally and showing no signs of coming back under control.

One minute a careful diet and pills, then seemingly out of nowhere insulin shots twice a day with all that these bring with them, including the side effects from insulin of which there are many and a very strict diet where added sugar or fat is concerned.

You Can Forget Take Out Dinners

One of the instructions given at the diabetic clinic was to move away from ready made shop bought meals, back to home cooking and the nurse who is an insulin dependent diabetic herself, suggested healthy rotisserie cooking as one way to go which offers a lot of variety both in meat and added flavor.

low fat rotisserie cookingThe very act of repeated direct heat melts fat away into the tray as it turns on the rotisserie spit. “You gotta cut out fat as well as sugar so get creative with herbs” was ringing in my ears for hours.

She didn’t mean the deli bought variety either and was perfectly clear on how much sugar was added to your average ‘healthy eating’ rotisserie chicken from the shop – frightening really. She was quite clear, we were going to do some home rotisserie cooking or do without.

Truth Hurts

The nurse went on to explain that fast paced living coupled with demanding careers has fundamentally changed the way we eat and what we eat. If I’m honest, I was curling up listening to all this.

The majority of us have gone from meals lovingly cooked with raw ingredients which take time to prepare, to eating ready meals, quick, tasty and so easily put in the shopping cart without a thought to the ingredient in them, check for yourself, most contain unhealthy levels of sugar, salt and usually plenty of fat to fill up on.

It isn’t nice to hear how poor your attention to a healthy diet has become particularly knowing the man I love is diabetic. I thought about little else on the drive home, because the nurse was absolutely right.

chicken rotisserie recipes with saladIn truth my grandma who cooked the most fantastic meals from off a small budget, would have been appalled at what we eat and she would have been spot on with that one.

Salad fresh from the garden with cuts of meat in the summer and big generous portions of stew or casserole in the winter months, with home baked bread.

Looking back, we didn’t take the type 2 seriously enough and could have made far more changes to diet which may have held off progression for longer, maybe forever – and I so wish we had.

Neither of us really checked on processed food, not in the way you should by looking at everything you pick up, because a lot of it you should put right back on the shelf.

Two Shots Each Day Is A Big Price To Pay

So, a fridge full of insulin, a draw full of needles plus a kitchen full of food he could never eat again and probably never should have anyway.

Out went the deep fat fryer, cake tins, roasting tins various and in came a new regime in the form of dusting off the slow cooker and investing in a halogen oven plus a good quality home rotisserie, which is what got me so interested in these brilliant little appliances in the first place.

The first one we bought was the George Foreman Baby Rotisserie which does mouth wateringly stupendous chicken, truly the best I’ve tasted, ever. But the clue is right there in the name Baby. Great for two of you and we take it on holiday, but not for meals bigger than a medium chicken and definitely not if you want cold meat over for sandwiches.

As a first rotisserie oven Georgie is perfect. It taught us a lot about healthy rotisserie cooking and using marinade recipes, or dry rubs for ribs we could make ourselves without a grain of added sugar anywhere to be seen.

It also had the added benefit of pushing us into making space for a herb garden, a venture that’s been more rewarding and tasty than I can say, plus very beneficial to bees and other pollinators.

The second rotisserie oven was bought with a lot more know-how and in the end, we spent out on the Ronco Rotisserie Platinum 5000 – a decision that has proved to be right for us. It is the most expensive in the range but there is way more flexibility within the cooking controls, plus a stop and sear option and the ability to cook without rotation, making more of a roast without the fat.

It also comes complete with all the Ronco accessories, some of which I would have needed to buy anyway. Looking at the number of reviews this has got to be the overall best selling home rotisserie around, though the Cuisinart is a worthy second and if we didn’t have low hung wall units, may have been tempted by the digital control pad and overall easy clean features it offers.

Low Sugar Marinades

There are just so many flavor combinations on offer if you make your own rotisserie marinades – with the certainty of zero added sugar. We have been encouraged to use pureed fresh fruit in the meat marinades, which is delicious with herbs added including a good pinch of chilli.

Low Fat Rotisserie CookingHalf a cup of dry white wine is great as a base for fresh oregano and garlic, with a crushed fresh bay leaf or two adding a Mediterranean flavor to lamb or chicken. You can add more or less in the way of herbs according to your palate, or if you prefer try a herbal oil infusion to marinade poultry. You can read more here about ideas for recipes rotisserie chicken fans will love.

Another great suggestion is to make tangy fresh fruit chutneys to accompany meals with meat. These really do deliver on taste and keep well for up to a week in a refrigerator. If you have ever made your own jams or chutneys, you have seen how much sugar goes into commercially made products – for diabetics these are out.

We leave all shop bought dry rubs well alone because of the added salt or sugar and we don’t make many up at home, preferring a wet marinade anyway. Apart from Indian food – and then only freshly ground spices do the job properly.

Close the kitchen door unless you want the rich pungent aroma traveling all around your home and lingering in the cushion fabric and bathroom towels! Truly, the taste of rotisserie chicken or lamb left to absorb crushed spices for a few hours prior to cooking, is sensational. Try this rotisserie chicken rub with Indian spices, heat to taste.

Don’t Invite Diabetes Into Your Life

If you are someone who depends rather too much on ready cooked food and take outs, please, I beg you, take a little time to make some changes in your diet and move to a less sugary and fat laden way of eating. Diabetes has some painful, miserable and lethal consequences, most of which you don’t know exist until it happens to you or someone close to you.

Why not try our low fat recipes rotisserie chicken eaters will love – also low or zero sugar so safe for diabetics – and see if you can’t make changes today that will have a positive effect on all your tomorrows. Do let us know how you get on won’t you?

And don’t forget, if you have any sugar free recipes diabetics will love or low fat rotisserie cooking tips and you’d like to share with others, then do let us know on the contact form below – we’d love to try them ourselves.

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