Low Fat Mediterranean Flavor Recipes Rotisserie Chicken Fans Will Love

recipe rotisserie chickenChicken is brilliant at absorbing aromas as well as flavors which is why herbs all work so well in marinades and rubs.

With a bit of ingenuity you can use a very different recipe rotisserie chicken eaters will love, either for dinner or as aromatic fillings for healthy sandwich lunches pretty much every day.

Trying To Cut Salt?

Lemon makes a great alternative for salt, something in the sharp freshness masks it beautifully and if you cut salt out for a few days, the palate adjusts so you don’t miss it anymore.

A good marinade base is dry white wine. It is fine to use this for insulin dependent diabetics because the marinade is thrown away, lending only a very small amount of wine to the final dish.

Mediterranean Rotisserie Chicken

Combine 1 teaspoon of olive oil with a tablespoon of chopped Marjoram or Oregano. Add half a glass of dry white wine and one or two cloves of crushed garlic to taste. We love the strong flavor of olives so often add a good half a cup, well chopped and finally a teaspoon or so of tomato puree.

You can stop at this point or add half a teaspoon of freshly ground pepper. Another option is fresh citrus shavings, lemon or lime works best with chicken and you can add a teaspoon or even two for a stronger flavor.

Put the chicken into a plastic bag, pour on the mixture, then manipulate until the chicken is well covered, seal before chilling for several hours or overnight if you can. One more tip we picked up was to bring meat and poultry out of the fridge and allow it to reach room temperature before draining the marinade which is discarded and putting in the rotisserie oven.

Temperature affects the cooking time and makes it more likely food will cook on the outside, not on the inside. In hot weather try and put it somewhere warmer than the refrigerator but cool enough to keep it fresh until it warms a little anyway.

And finally, when the timer goes and you’ve checked the internal temperature, remove the food from the machine and allow it to rest so the natural juices which have bubbled up throughout cooking, return inside the meat adding to tenderness and flavor.

rotisserie chicken rubFancy Something Spicy?

Indian spices work fantastically well so check out this Indian style rotisserie chicken rub. You can play around with the spices, add your favorites and remove those you prefer to leave out.

Because you are in charge of the chilli in the marinade, it gets done to taste, so everyone can enjoy this one. Once cooked there are several great ways to serve it either for a light lunch or main meal.