compare home rotisserie ovens When it comes to kitchen appliances, nothing lasts forever – they all have a limited life expectancy.

But one thing you can bet your last dollar on, is that the most used and most needed bit of equipment – in this case an ancient home rotisserie oven – will pack up when you least expect it, on this occasion half way through cooking for a dinner party!

I really didn’t want to think about getting the replacement, never mind woman up and make the time to compare rotisserie ovens one against another, after all I’d just lost a trusted friend.

However, life goes on and needs must, so following an appropriately brief period of mourning (until the guests departed, having eaten roasted rather than rotisserie cooked tandoori style chicken) the search was on for a worthy replacement.

Again you are thwarted. Of course technology has moved on since you last bought one of the only two on offer twenty years ago – and you are faced with a bewildering array of choices to pick your way through.

Not to worry though, there are a few essential pointers which will help you decide firstly what you want, then which one best meets those needs. There now, choosing a new kitchen assistant which doesn’t disappoint doesn’t have to be a mini nightmare after all.

Matched Colors Or Lasting Style?

Color may not be at the top of the list in other appliances, but these kick out enormous heat through the vents and can quickly change from sparkling white to an ingrained immovable pale brown, that over time darkens to an unbecoming singed look. If this isn’t for you then make sure to stick with a stainless steel finish, which won’t lose its stylish looks to heat.

Check The Spec

All these machines come with some accessories and always enough to get you started, but they do differ a lot in what’s included to take your cooking to the next level, so check the spec carefully.

Top end appliances like the Ronco Showtime Rotisserie (Platinum 5000) will arrive with absolutely everything anyone could possibly need to cater for several different cooking styles, which might account for this one regularly topping the list as the best selling home rotisserie overall.

Basic Model Equals  Marketing Speak For Less

The Ronco Platinum also gives you a lot more control over the cooking process, including a pause and sear option and you can turn off rotation to roast conventionally. Go down to the basic model in the same range and there is disappointingly little included, though the Showtime 5000 series all offer the same cooking control options.

You can buy the Showtime rotisserie accessories separately of course.

Modern rotisserie ovens are specifically designed to be accommodated in smaller kitchens without taking up too much space. One way manufacturers have gone about producing a medium size rotisserie oven with a narrow base is to go vertical with the spit, which takes up less room than ever.

digital touchpad  rotisseriesDigital Control At Your Fingertips

Digital touchpad rotisseries include the Cuisinart Vertical Rotisserie, which is also probably the best selling vertical model as well, not least because it has a lot of other features including varied temperature settings, which not all other brands do.

It is also finished in stylish brushed steel, so won’t leave you scrubbing at stains. Would I buy one? Yes – and I have as a gift for a good friend, who truly loves it.

Fair Warning

But beware. If your kitchen has wall units in it, you would be wise to consider the hazards of putting a very hot appliance under them and the Cuisinart has vents right in the top, pointing directly up.

It often all comes back to size. A big family is going to have to eat in two sittings with the very compact machines, one of which is the Baby George Foreman Rotisserie. Now this is a great little home rotisserie for couples or even students, anyone who doesn’t need to cook more than a four pound chicken. It advertises as easily taking a five pound bird, but let’s put it this way, you can try.

There is no temperature option either, just on or off, though it does have pre-sets. That all said, the Baby George Foreman Rotisserie serves up the crispiest skin on the most deliciously moist chicken you have ever eaten. If size doesn’t matter, and you don’t mind white, this could be just the boy for you.

And there you have it. The easiest way to compare home rotisserie ovens is to take into account the following:

  • Size first of all
  • Make up your mind about color
  • Which accessories come with it
  • Now check features and options on temperature/cooking control

Finally, read plenty of reviews because you can pick up a lot of info about individual models and pinpoint any irritating faults. If you’ve done the aforementioned, then you really are in a good position to find that new kitchen friend!