chicken rotisserieChicken Rotisserie Tastes Amazing And Is Low Fat Too

Chicken is the most popular and undoubtedly the healthiest of meats we eat, and it’s just perfect for chicken rotisserie.

Barbeque rotisserie cooked chicken is actually a form of roasting that brings in all of the benefits of indirect heat, like basting and fat removal, minus the usual problems of conventional heating such as drying and burning on the outside. How is this even possible?

Chicken Rotisseries Are Far More Than Plain Roasting

Roasting is a simply delicious way to cook chicken and is deservedly the favorite way of eating it but home rotisseries beat plain oven roasting hands down for moist succulent flavor, so how?

The secret is all in the spit which enables the chicken to be smoothly slowly rotated, thus cooking the bird evenly throughout and dripping the fat away. Because the meat is only subjected to direct heat once a turn, the chicken juices are retained, packing the meat with flavor, rather than being evaporated away as with direct heat conventional roasting, which also dries meat and chicken in particular, out.

No one is suggesting you absolutely must stop basting, but with a chicken rotisserie you really don’t have to, the chicken will be moist even if you don’t touch through the cooking process. As the bird turns, so the juices naturally baste it all over, sadly more efficiently than you can!

Flavors can be added either through dry rubs or marinating the chicken overnight. Adding tiny slits in the skin to allow the marinade or rub to seep though into the meat is a good idea. Did you forget to marinade overnight? No worries, you can quickly add fragrant flavor by popping a lemon or orange onto the spit inside the chicken and this works brilliantly with duck as well. You may need to cook for 10 minutes more.

Dry rubs are made from combinations of spices and/or herbs.  You can buy them and can choose from literally thousands of recipes. Alternatively why not have fun and make your own up from favorite flavors, just let those taste buds get creative.

Speed, superior flavor and healthy eating are three great reasons you should join millions of others and consider investing in one of the many barbeque rotisserie appliances on the market. First though, check your own oven because it may have the capability to accommodate a rotisserie spit, in which case you can get marinating right now!

Dedicated rotisserie spits are surprisingly affordable though, so if your cooker isn’t already primed don’t despair, there will be one within your budget.  Where once you ate out, a succulent chicken rotisserie meal, ribs or steak can be cooked at home anytime you want, just the way you love it. Rotisserie restaurants are around in plenty, but cost $35 each time, something to think about anyway.