Cuisinart Rotisserie

Cuisinart Rotisserie Review

Model: Vertical Countertop

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Review Date: May 24, 2012

Cuisinart Vertical Rotisserie

Rating: Cuisinart Rotisserie Review RatingCuisinart Rotisserie Review RatingCuisinart Rotisserie Review RatingCuisinart Rotisserie Review RatingCuisinart Rotisserie Review Rating (4.3 / 5)

Summary: With 108/150 giving this a 5 star rating and others not far behind, you just know the Cuisinart is quality. This touchpad control rotisserie comes in elegant brushed stainless steel which won’t discolor with the heat. It boasts an 8-pound food capacity and has every accessory you’ll ever need including the revolutionary poultry tower, plus some great safety features like the stay cool door handle.

The Cuisinart Vertical Countertop Rotisserie Features:

  • Precision rotation speed
  • The Vertical Poultry Tower
  • Door Handle: Stays cool to the touch
  • Skewer Set: Perfect for shish kebabs
  • Interior Light: Allows you to view food as it cooks
  • Vented Top: Automatically releases heat and steam
  • Heating Element: Located on the back wall of interior
  • Touchpad Control with LCD output and 5 preset temperature settings
  • Measures 16 by 15-3/5 by 17-1/2 inches; 3-year limited warranty
  • Roasting Rack: Keeps roasts moist and tender as they cook
  • Multi Purpose Basket: Holds fish and vegetables firmly as they cook
  • Non-stick Drip Tray: Catches fat for healthier cooking and easy cleanup
  • Wide Base with Nonslip Feet: Keeps rotisserie balanced and safely anchored
  • Chrome Insert: Reflects heat for very even cooking – comes out for an easy clean

Clever Easy-Clean Design
The ultra modern Cuisinart Vertical Rotisserie may look slim, but this medium size rotisserie oven can hold a massive 8lb of food with ease and still turn out juicy joints or beautiful burgers, all perfectly cooked every time.

A genuine space saver in the smaller kitchen, it could be just what you were looking for, but do read the warning below. Designed in brushed stainless steel with a craftsmanship frankly lacking in lesser brands, the stylish looks will compliment any kitchen style and décor, new or old.

touchpad control rotisserieTouchpad Control Rotisserie With LCD Display
A touchpad control rotisserie, this particular model is very straightforward to use and has a LCD display which is easy to read and does away with knobs, buttons and dials – all of which trap food and complicate the cleaning process – but here, cleaning is a breeze.

Clever technology takes all the guesswork out of cooking and the Cuisinart comes with plenty of preset temperature and cooking time ranges for you to choose from, so no more stressful hit and hope guesswork, just perfect mouth watering meals every time.

There have been some thoughtful additions as well, like the interior viewing light so you can keep an eye on your meal, a door handle that stays cool to the touch and non-slip feet on the wide base to help with stability.

Hate The Clean-up?
And for those of us who hate the clean-up afterwards, in addition to the LCD easy-wipe touchpad, there is a removable dishwasher-safe glass door and other non-stick fully dishwasher safe parts, actually this model is the easiest and fastest to clean that the author has used. Also included is a variety of purpose designed non-stick and very useful racks with utensils, plus several rotisserie forks for different joints of meat, eight skewers, and the non-stick wire basket for burgers and vegetables.

Healthy low fat eating is one of the brilliant benefits of rotisserie cooking and this vertical rotisserie oven is no exception when it comes to rendering fat away from meat. Leaving the juices to naturally baste your dinner whilst you relax with the family, the fat will drip down into a removable tray that is easily taken out to empty and clean it.

Often low fat diets, (or diets full stop) mean you eat tasteless food which increases cravings further. But not with this beauty! None of the flavor is lost and meat stays moist, inviting and nutritious. Meat that is turned on a spit will baste itself with the natural juices and that makes all the difference.

To help you confidently approach cooking with your new kitchen helper, it comes with both a user-guide and a cookbook included – not all of them do, so be sure to check. Truly, it doesn’t get easier than this. Marinade your meat or use a spicy dry rub, leave for a few hours in the fridge to infuse, and put on the spit. Bring your meat up to room temperature before cooking for best results.

What’s Good
Clever medium size rotisserie oven in a compact design
Safety features like a stay cool door handle
Touchpad controls – very easy to use and clean
Non-stick interior and accessories
Accurate pre-set times

What’s Not So Good
The vented top is not safe if you have wall units above it
Availability can be difficult – if you want one, buy it when you see it in stock.

What Sucks
Well, a lot of small kitchens make the most of space by having wall units over the worktops and the Cuisinart is taller than it is wide, with steam and heat vents at the top. These need at least 8 inches clearance and to be totally safe, I’d suggest you don’t use it anywhere with anything overhead.

The Bottom Line
Solid construction in addition to a clever space-saving design has made this Cuisinart one of the best sellers and it has plenty of positive reviews to commend it. That said, if you have a large family or hold frequent, legendary dinner parties, then checkout the Ronco Showtime or the Showtime Platinum Edition as well before you buy.

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