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Ronco Showtime Standard

Ronco Showtime Rotisserie Review

Model: Standard – ST4023SSGEN

Review Author:

Review Date: October 10, 2012

Summary: The Ronco Showtime ST4023SSGEN home rotisserie grill is one of the top sellers. Takes up to a 15lb turkey and comes with accessories including gloves and ties.

Rating: Ronco Showtime ST4023SSGEN Review RatingRonco Showtime Review RatingRonco Showtime Review RatingRonco Showtime Review RatingRonco Showtime Review Rating (4.2 / 5)

Ronco Showtime ST4023SSGEN Features:

  • Rotisserie controls include normal rotation, no-heat rotation, or pause-to-sear
  • Nonstick rotisserie basket, rotisserie spit, and spit loading/carving base
  • Drip tray and grate cover; 2-hour auto timer; dishwasher-safe parts
  • Measures 12-1/2 by 14 by 11 inches, just 14″ wide at the base
  • Includes heat proof gloves and ties
  • 6-month limited warranty

Ronco Compact Showtime Rotisserie 3000 Range Updated

Very popular and rightly so, is the Ronco Showtime Rotisserie range, within which there are several models worth a closer look and here attention is turned to the Ronco Showtime Compact Rotisserie (Model No ST4023SSGEN) which is another great appliance aimed at those of us with smaller kitchens – or maybe a holiday home.

The appliance housing is forged in stainless steel and looks the part. It has a neat compact design that will fit right into any style and any décor without spoiling your color scheme.

Petite yet packed full of features it will cook right up to a 10lb Christmas bird or alternatively two three pound chickens so not as limiting as you might have thought. And it all fits into a 12.5 inch x 14 x 11 inch space on your worktop.

This Ronco Showtime comes complete with a non-stick rotisserie basket and a sturdy rotisserie spit. There is a spit carving and loading tray which is very convenient where workspace is tight plus the drip tray, grate cover and other useful rotisserie accessories.

Quite a lot of appliances are sent out with no booklet or cooking instructions, but not this one – you get a recipe book with timings and some cool meal ideas. With the easy clean stainless steel finish, removable dishwasher safe glass door and rotisserie baskets you won’t ever be faced with a toothbrush style clean-up again.

Two handy cleaning tips are firstly to line the drip tray with foil and chuck the whole lot out after cooking and when cool enough. Secondly, clean everything when the rotisserie is still warm rather than cold because once the fat sets, wiping isn’t an option.

There are so many herbs, spices and seasonings you can add. Its best to use either a dry rub or a marinade – both will infuse your meat with subtle flavors and presenting barbeque baby ribs or fantastic herby chicken to a hungry family is a cinch.

The reviews on this are really positive and you can read them by clicking below. Ronco themselves call this a ‘set and forget’ appliance and it really is, with plenty of preset times for the novice or reluctant cook!

If you’ve been looking for a small rotisserie still packed with big features then the Ronco Showtime Compact Rotisserie just might be the right one for you and is definitely worth a closer look.

What’s Good

  • Very easy to use and to clean
  • More options on cooking such as the pause and sear, which is missing with other low-mid range models in most other brands

What’s Not So Good

  • Other Ronco models such as the Showtime Rotisserie Platinum Edition come with a full set of accessories including kebab rods and a variety of skewers plus a 10-inch enamel baking pan and 10-by-10-inch enamel broil rack
  • Some buyers have had issues with the warranty
  • The warranty is pretty short

 compare home rotisserie ovens When it comes to kitchen appliances, nothing lasts forever – they all have a limited life expectancy.

But one thing you can bet your last dollar on, is that the most used and most needed bit of equipment – in this case an ancient home rotisserie oven – will pack up when you least expect it, on this occasion half way through cooking for a dinner party!

I really didn’t want to think about getting the replacement, never mind woman up and make the time to compare rotisserie ovens one against another, after all I’d just lost a trusted friend.

However, life goes on and needs must, so following an appropriately brief period of mourning (until the guests departed, having eaten roasted rather than rotisserie cooked tandoori style chicken) the search was on for a worthy replacement.

Again you are thwarted. Of course technology has moved on since you last bought one of the only two on offer twenty years ago – and you are faced with a bewildering array of choices to pick your way through.

Not to worry though, there are a few essential pointers which will help you decide firstly what you want, then which one best meets those needs. There now, choosing a new kitchen assistant which doesn’t disappoint doesn’t have to be a mini nightmare after all.

Matched Colors Or Lasting Style?

Color may not be at the top of the list in other appliances, but these kick out enormous heat through the vents and can quickly change from sparkling white to an ingrained immovable pale brown, that over time darkens to an unbecoming singed look. If this isn’t for you then make sure to stick with a stainless steel finish, which won’t lose its stylish looks to heat.

Check The Spec

All these machines come with some accessories and always enough to get you started, but they do differ a lot in what’s included to take your cooking to the next level, so check the spec carefully.

Top end appliances like the Ronco Showtime Rotisserie (Platinum 5000) will arrive with absolutely everything anyone could possibly need to cater for several different cooking styles, which might account for this one regularly topping the list as the best selling home rotisserie overall.

Basic Model Equals  Marketing Speak For Less

The Ronco Platinum also gives you a lot more control over the cooking process, including a pause and sear option and you can turn off rotation to roast conventionally. Go down to the basic model in the same range and there is disappointingly little included, though the Showtime 5000 series all offer the same cooking control options.

You can buy the Showtime rotisserie accessories separately of course.

Modern rotisserie ovens are specifically designed to be accommodated in smaller kitchens without taking up too much space. One way manufacturers have gone about producing a medium size rotisserie oven with a narrow base is to go vertical with the spit, which takes up less room than ever.

digital touchpad  rotisseriesDigital Control At Your Fingertips

Digital touchpad rotisseries include the Cuisinart Vertical Rotisserie, which is also probably the best selling vertical model as well, not least because it has a lot of other features including varied temperature settings, which not all other brands do.

It is also finished in stylish brushed steel, so won’t leave you scrubbing at stains. Would I buy one? Yes – and I have as a gift for a good friend, who truly loves it.

Fair Warning

But beware. If your kitchen has wall units in it, you would be wise to consider the hazards of putting a very hot appliance under them and the Cuisinart has vents right in the top, pointing directly up.

It often all comes back to size. A big family is going to have to eat in two sittings with the very compact machines, one of which is the Baby George Foreman Rotisserie. Now this is a great little home rotisserie for couples or even students, anyone who doesn’t need to cook more than a four pound chicken. It advertises as easily taking a five pound bird, but let’s put it this way, you can try.

There is no temperature option either, just on or off, though it does have pre-sets. That all said, the Baby George Foreman Rotisserie serves up the crispiest skin on the most deliciously moist chicken you have ever eaten. If size doesn’t matter, and you don’t mind white, this could be just the boy for you.

And there you have it. The easiest way to compare home rotisserie ovens is to take into account the following:

  • Size first of all
  • Make up your mind about color
  • Which accessories come with it
  • Now check features and options on temperature/cooking control

Finally, read plenty of reviews because you can pick up a lot of info about individual models and pinpoint any irritating faults. If you’ve done the aforementioned, then you really are in a good position to find that new kitchen friend!

electric rotisserie

Electric Rotisserie Like Baby George Are Compact

Delicious succulent meat and chicken every time you cook, has caused huge numbers of families to buy gas or electric rotisserie ovens for home use and benefit from healthy low fat eating as well.

One of the main decisions facing anyone buying a home rotisserie is whether to go the gas or electric route and there are plenty to choose from, whichever direction you take.

However, there are some differences between them including initial purchase price and running costs, which may make one more suited to your family than the other.

Gas Rotisseries

For mobile meals these is no choice, you just have to go for gas. They came along way before their compact electric rotisserie cousins and are commonly seen in restaurants and out at big barbeque parties. Though bear in mind if you go camping and have access to power, an electric rotisserie oven is small and portable.

This leads us nicely to the issue of size. Now gas barbeques are certainly the big brother of home rotisseries and not necessarily best suited to a smaller kitchen, where once on your worktop, there won’t be a lot of space left over to move! So unless you have at least a medium sized kitchen or an added utility area, think electric.

Running costs can be cheaper with a gas rotisserie depending on how often you use it. Electricity has increased in price and can prove costly at peak rimes, whereas gas is a predetermined price and costs the same to use no matter what time of day or night it is. That said, gas rotisseries are more expensive to buy initially than electric and come in at $70-$200 for a home use appliance, compared to $40-$100 for the electric version.

Gas rotisseries are faster to respond to increased or decreased temperatures. As soon as you turn the gas up or down the temperature will respond, whereas electric rotisserie take a little longer both to increase the heat and to reduce it.

If you have a large family or are planning to buy for an organization such as a charity or kids club, then a gas rotisserie is probably the more practical way to go.

Electric Rotisseries – Very Popular For Smaller Families?

Smaller, lighter and less expensive than a gas rotisserie, the new models of electric rotisseries are perfect for smaller houses and apartments and a great addition to your holiday home on the beach.

If space is tight in your kitchen take a look at either this baby George Foreman Rotisserie which only needs about 18in of counter space, or the Cuisinart Vertical Rotisserie because it really is compact and designed with space in mind. As touched on above, home electric rotisserie are also compact enough to take on camping trips provided the site gives you access to power for your caravan or camper.

Electric versions are ideal for lighter users who only intend occasional use, or for when the kids have left the nest and you are mostly cooking for one or two – until they start arriving with the grand-kids!

Keep in mind you can always upgrade later if you need more cooking power and this is a better idea than having a big gas rotisserie that takes up a lot of room and doesn’t get used frequently.

Electric Rotisseries

Yes the cost of running them may be a little higher, but if you are new to rotisserie ovens and cooking in them or have limited space, you won’t be disappointed with the performance or an electric rotisserie and believe me, the meat is just as juicy, succulent and filled with flavor.

baby george1

George Foreman Baby George Rotisserie Review

Review Author:

Review Date: May 30, 2012

Rating: Baby George Rotisserie Review RatingBaby George Rotisserie Review RatingBaby George Rotisserie Review RatingBaby George Rotisserie Review RatingBaby George Rotisserie Review Rating (4.1 / 5)

Summary: The Baby George Rotisserie is one of the most compact home rotisserie grills you can find.

Baby George Foreman Features

  • Lift-up cover with window
  • Easy to use spit assembly
  • Suction-cup feet for a secure base
  • Cooking-time chart plus recipes
  • Pull-out drip tray for easy cleaning
  • One-year warranty against defects
  • Handle tool for easy removal of hot food
  • Includes: flat basket and four kabab skewers
  • Three-hour timer with a bell signal and auto shut off


Introducing the George Foreman Baby George Rotisserie

When the first George Foreman grill was unleashed on the public a long time ago, we were already beginning to realize the importance of rendering as much fat out of meat as possible for healthy eating. Just wait until you use the George Foreman Baby Rotisserie.

The original grill – still in use in many homes – opened people’s eyes to the ease with which they could do this at home and gradually the new healthier way of cooking spread across the globe, making George Foreman grills a household name everywhere with the TV ads etched into our minds.

Many of us have a George Foreman grill or other kitchen appliance and we trust this brand. If that’s you and you want to have a go at health rotisserie cooking, then this compact George Foreman Rotisserie, fondly called ‘Baby George’ might be the right appliance for you.

Some rotisseries are big and cumbersome, but as the name suggests the George Foreman Baby Rotisserie is very compact and will sit onto any counter with 18 inches of free area. It measures only 17 inches wide, by 11 1/2 inches in height and it goes back 12 inches deep.

Though small, Baby George rotisserie is still packed full of features and is a perfect fit for people who want to cook and eat healthier food, but are constrained by available space. This model is also ideal for people enjoying the single life and couples who don’t need to cook large quantities.

However, if you are cooking for more than two hungry people you might want to checkout the Ronco Showtime Rotisserie Platinum Edition  or the standard Ronco Showtime review here first.

Appliance Specifications
This particular George Foreman rotisserie comes complete with a variety of skewers for poultry and larger meat joints plus a nifty basket for cooking fish, vegetables, wings or even meat such as burgers, which you want to lay flat to ensure perfect cooking.

One of the strongest pluses for home rotisserie cooking apart from succulent fat free meat is thorough and even cooking which can worry some people when it comes to cooking timings. And this model is no exception, it comes fully equipped with a timer (max 3 hours) that you set and forget until the timer goes off. However, there is no choice of temperature in this model and the heat element reaches about 325 degrees F.

What’s Good

  • Small enough to fit into the most space challenged kitchen, this model makes home rotisseries possible where otherwise they wouldn’t fit
  • Ideal for single people, students and holiday or second homes
  • Affordable price

What’s Not So Good

  • The lack of temperature control removes quite a lot of cooking flexibility
  • Although sold as capable of roasting a 5lb chicken, in the authors experience this would be very optimistic
  • You will need good oven gloves. The spit has to be assembled as you add and remove the meat joint and tightened down with a wing nut on the top. It also has to be removed from the hot cooking unit and disassembled with bubbling hot meat on it when cooked, to remove or carve

What Sucks

  • The spit assembly – beware the spikes are sharp!
  • At least two new owners have reported that when the machine reaches temperature the glass door explodes. Though there are plenty of happy customers who have written great reviews, this is definitely something to keep in mind!

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Cuisinart Rotisserie

Cuisinart Rotisserie Review

Model: Vertical Countertop

Review Author:

Review Date: May 24, 2012

Cuisinart Vertical Rotisserie

Rating: Cuisinart Rotisserie Review RatingCuisinart Rotisserie Review RatingCuisinart Rotisserie Review RatingCuisinart Rotisserie Review RatingCuisinart Rotisserie Review Rating (4.3 / 5)

Summary: With 108/150 giving this a 5 star rating and others not far behind, you just know the Cuisinart is quality. This touchpad control rotisserie comes in elegant brushed stainless steel which won’t discolor with the heat. It boasts an 8-pound food capacity and has every accessory you’ll ever need including the revolutionary poultry tower, plus some great safety features like the stay cool door handle.

The Cuisinart Vertical Countertop Rotisserie Features:

  • Precision rotation speed
  • The Vertical Poultry Tower
  • Door Handle: Stays cool to the touch
  • Skewer Set: Perfect for shish kebabs
  • Interior Light: Allows you to view food as it cooks
  • Vented Top: Automatically releases heat and steam
  • Heating Element: Located on the back wall of interior
  • Touchpad Control with LCD output and 5 preset temperature settings
  • Measures 16 by 15-3/5 by 17-1/2 inches; 3-year limited warranty
  • Roasting Rack: Keeps roasts moist and tender as they cook
  • Multi Purpose Basket: Holds fish and vegetables firmly as they cook
  • Non-stick Drip Tray: Catches fat for healthier cooking and easy cleanup
  • Wide Base with Nonslip Feet: Keeps rotisserie balanced and safely anchored
  • Chrome Insert: Reflects heat for very even cooking – comes out for an easy clean

Clever Easy-Clean Design
The ultra modern Cuisinart Vertical Rotisserie may look slim, but this medium size rotisserie oven can hold a massive 8lb of food with ease and still turn out juicy joints or beautiful burgers, all perfectly cooked every time.

A genuine space saver in the smaller kitchen, it could be just what you were looking for, but do read the warning below. Designed in brushed stainless steel with a craftsmanship frankly lacking in lesser brands, the stylish looks will compliment any kitchen style and décor, new or old.

touchpad control rotisserieTouchpad Control Rotisserie With LCD Display
A touchpad control rotisserie, this particular model is very straightforward to use and has a LCD display which is easy to read and does away with knobs, buttons and dials – all of which trap food and complicate the cleaning process – but here, cleaning is a breeze.

Clever technology takes all the guesswork out of cooking and the Cuisinart comes with plenty of preset temperature and cooking time ranges for you to choose from, so no more stressful hit and hope guesswork, just perfect mouth watering meals every time.

There have been some thoughtful additions as well, like the interior viewing light so you can keep an eye on your meal, a door handle that stays cool to the touch and non-slip feet on the wide base to help with stability.

Hate The Clean-up?
And for those of us who hate the clean-up afterwards, in addition to the LCD easy-wipe touchpad, there is a removable dishwasher-safe glass door and other non-stick fully dishwasher safe parts, actually this model is the easiest and fastest to clean that the author has used. Also included is a variety of purpose designed non-stick and very useful racks with utensils, plus several rotisserie forks for different joints of meat, eight skewers, and the non-stick wire basket for burgers and vegetables.

Healthy low fat eating is one of the brilliant benefits of rotisserie cooking and this vertical rotisserie oven is no exception when it comes to rendering fat away from meat. Leaving the juices to naturally baste your dinner whilst you relax with the family, the fat will drip down into a removable tray that is easily taken out to empty and clean it.

Often low fat diets, (or diets full stop) mean you eat tasteless food which increases cravings further. But not with this beauty! None of the flavor is lost and meat stays moist, inviting and nutritious. Meat that is turned on a spit will baste itself with the natural juices and that makes all the difference.

To help you confidently approach cooking with your new kitchen helper, it comes with both a user-guide and a cookbook included – not all of them do, so be sure to check. Truly, it doesn’t get easier than this. Marinade your meat or use a spicy dry rub, leave for a few hours in the fridge to infuse, and put on the spit. Bring your meat up to room temperature before cooking for best results.

What’s Good
Clever medium size rotisserie oven in a compact design
Safety features like a stay cool door handle
Touchpad controls – very easy to use and clean
Non-stick interior and accessories
Accurate pre-set times

What’s Not So Good
The vented top is not safe if you have wall units above it
Availability can be difficult – if you want one, buy it when you see it in stock.

What Sucks
Well, a lot of small kitchens make the most of space by having wall units over the worktops and the Cuisinart is taller than it is wide, with steam and heat vents at the top. These need at least 8 inches clearance and to be totally safe, I’d suggest you don’t use it anywhere with anything overhead.

The Bottom Line
Solid construction in addition to a clever space-saving design has made this Cuisinart one of the best sellers and it has plenty of positive reviews to commend it. That said, if you have a large family or hold frequent, legendary dinner parties, then checkout the Ronco Showtime or the Showtime Platinum Edition as well before you buy.

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