compare home rotisserie ovens When it comes to kitchen appliances, nothing lasts forever – they all have a limited life expectancy.

But one thing you can bet your last dollar on, is that the most used and most needed bit of equipment – in this case an ancient home rotisserie oven – will pack up when you least expect it, on this occasion half way through cooking for a dinner party!

I really didn’t want to think about getting the replacement, never mind woman up and make the time to compare rotisserie ovens one against another, after all I’d just lost a trusted friend.

However, life goes on and needs must, so following an appropriately brief period of mourning (until the guests departed, having eaten roasted rather than rotisserie cooked tandoori style chicken) the search was on for a worthy replacement.

Again you are thwarted. Of course technology has moved on since you last bought one of the only two on offer twenty years ago – and you are faced with a bewildering array of choices to pick your way through.

Not to worry though, there are a few essential pointers which will help you decide firstly what you want, then which one best meets those needs. There now, choosing a new kitchen assistant which doesn’t disappoint doesn’t have to be a mini nightmare after all.

Matched Colors Or Lasting Style?

Color may not be at the top of the list in other appliances, but these kick out enormous heat through the vents and can quickly change from sparkling white to an ingrained immovable pale brown, that over time darkens to an unbecoming singed look. If this isn’t for you then make sure to stick with a stainless steel finish, which won’t lose its stylish looks to heat.

Check The Spec

All these machines come with some accessories and always enough to get you started, but they do differ a lot in what’s included to take your cooking to the next level, so check the spec carefully.

Top end appliances like the Ronco Showtime Rotisserie (Platinum 5000) will arrive with absolutely everything anyone could possibly need to cater for several different cooking styles, which might account for this one regularly topping the list as the best selling home rotisserie overall.

Basic Model Equals  Marketing Speak For Less

The Ronco Platinum also gives you a lot more control over the cooking process, including a pause and sear option and you can turn off rotation to roast conventionally. Go down to the basic model in the same range and there is disappointingly little included, though the Showtime 5000 series all offer the same cooking control options.

You can buy the Showtime rotisserie accessories separately of course.

Modern rotisserie ovens are specifically designed to be accommodated in smaller kitchens without taking up too much space. One way manufacturers have gone about producing a medium size rotisserie oven with a narrow base is to go vertical with the spit, which takes up less room than ever.

digital touchpad  rotisseriesDigital Control At Your Fingertips

Digital touchpad rotisseries include the Cuisinart Vertical Rotisserie, which is also probably the best selling vertical model as well, not least because it has a lot of other features including varied temperature settings, which not all other brands do.

It is also finished in stylish brushed steel, so won’t leave you scrubbing at stains. Would I buy one? Yes – and I have as a gift for a good friend, who truly loves it.

Fair Warning

But beware. If your kitchen has wall units in it, you would be wise to consider the hazards of putting a very hot appliance under them and the Cuisinart has vents right in the top, pointing directly up.

It often all comes back to size. A big family is going to have to eat in two sittings with the very compact machines, one of which is the Baby George Foreman Rotisserie. Now this is a great little home rotisserie for couples or even students, anyone who doesn’t need to cook more than a four pound chicken. It advertises as easily taking a five pound bird, but let’s put it this way, you can try.

There is no temperature option either, just on or off, though it does have pre-sets. That all said, the Baby George Foreman Rotisserie serves up the crispiest skin on the most deliciously moist chicken you have ever eaten. If size doesn’t matter, and you don’t mind white, this could be just the boy for you.

And there you have it. The easiest way to compare home rotisserie ovens is to take into account the following:

  • Size first of all
  • Make up your mind about color
  • Which accessories come with it
  • Now check features and options on temperature/cooking control

Finally, read plenty of reviews because you can pick up a lot of info about individual models and pinpoint any irritating faults. If you’ve done the aforementioned, then you really are in a good position to find that new kitchen friend!

recipes rotisserie chickenLow Fat Rotisserie Cooking Is Healthy For All Of Us

Do you know someone who is diabetic?

Well, if you don’t, that will change in the near future.

Why? Because this destructive silent killer is on the prowl in mostly everything we eat that is either processed or ready made food, and the number of us diagnosed each year is now growing at a frightening pace – my husband being one of them.

Firstly it’s only fair to say we didn’t get into low fat rotisserie cooking voluntarily. Oh no, not sensible middle aged us – we waited until healthy eating was way more than a choice.

It all happened very fast, triggered by a large course of steroids for an asthma attack after flu (yep, despite the jab) and the next thing we knew his blood sugar was off the chart, quite literally and showing no signs of coming back under control.

One minute a careful diet and pills, then seemingly out of nowhere insulin shots twice a day with all that these bring with them, including the side effects from insulin of which there are many and a very strict diet where added sugar or fat is concerned.

You Can Forget Take Out Dinners

One of the instructions given at the diabetic clinic was to move away from ready made shop bought meals, back to home cooking and the nurse who is an insulin dependent diabetic herself, suggested healthy rotisserie cooking as one way to go which offers a lot of variety both in meat and added flavor.

low fat rotisserie cookingThe very act of repeated direct heat melts fat away into the tray as it turns on the rotisserie spit. “You gotta cut out fat as well as sugar so get creative with herbs” was ringing in my ears for hours.

She didn’t mean the deli bought variety either and was perfectly clear on how much sugar was added to your average ‘healthy eating’ rotisserie chicken from the shop – frightening really. She was quite clear, we were going to do some home rotisserie cooking or do without.

Truth Hurts

The nurse went on to explain that fast paced living coupled with demanding careers has fundamentally changed the way we eat and what we eat. If I’m honest, I was curling up listening to all this.

The majority of us have gone from meals lovingly cooked with raw ingredients which take time to prepare, to eating ready meals, quick, tasty and so easily put in the shopping cart without a thought to the ingredient in them, check for yourself, most contain unhealthy levels of sugar, salt and usually plenty of fat to fill up on.

It isn’t nice to hear how poor your attention to a healthy diet has become particularly knowing the man I love is diabetic. I thought about little else on the drive home, because the nurse was absolutely right.

chicken rotisserie recipes with saladIn truth my grandma who cooked the most fantastic meals from off a small budget, would have been appalled at what we eat and she would have been spot on with that one.

Salad fresh from the garden with cuts of meat in the summer and big generous portions of stew or casserole in the winter months, with home baked bread.

Looking back, we didn’t take the type 2 seriously enough and could have made far more changes to diet which may have held off progression for longer, maybe forever – and I so wish we had.

Neither of us really checked on processed food, not in the way you should by looking at everything you pick up, because a lot of it you should put right back on the shelf.

Two Shots Each Day Is A Big Price To Pay

So, a fridge full of insulin, a draw full of needles plus a kitchen full of food he could never eat again and probably never should have anyway.

Out went the deep fat fryer, cake tins, roasting tins various and in came a new regime in the form of dusting off the slow cooker and investing in a halogen oven plus a good quality home rotisserie, which is what got me so interested in these brilliant little appliances in the first place.

The first one we bought was the George Foreman Baby Rotisserie which does mouth wateringly stupendous chicken, truly the best I’ve tasted, ever. But the clue is right there in the name Baby. Great for two of you and we take it on holiday, but not for meals bigger than a medium chicken and definitely not if you want cold meat over for sandwiches.

As a first rotisserie oven Georgie is perfect. It taught us a lot about healthy rotisserie cooking and using marinade recipes, or dry rubs for ribs we could make ourselves without a grain of added sugar anywhere to be seen.

It also had the added benefit of pushing us into making space for a herb garden, a venture that’s been more rewarding and tasty than I can say, plus very beneficial to bees and other pollinators.

The second rotisserie oven was bought with a lot more know-how and in the end, we spent out on the Ronco Rotisserie Platinum 5000 – a decision that has proved to be right for us. It is the most expensive in the range but there is way more flexibility within the cooking controls, plus a stop and sear option and the ability to cook without rotation, making more of a roast without the fat.

It also comes complete with all the Ronco accessories, some of which I would have needed to buy anyway. Looking at the number of reviews this has got to be the overall best selling home rotisserie around, though the Cuisinart is a worthy second and if we didn’t have low hung wall units, may have been tempted by the digital control pad and overall easy clean features it offers.

Low Sugar Marinades

There are just so many flavor combinations on offer if you make your own rotisserie marinades – with the certainty of zero added sugar. We have been encouraged to use pureed fresh fruit in the meat marinades, which is delicious with herbs added including a good pinch of chilli.

Low Fat Rotisserie CookingHalf a cup of dry white wine is great as a base for fresh oregano and garlic, with a crushed fresh bay leaf or two adding a Mediterranean flavor to lamb or chicken. You can add more or less in the way of herbs according to your palate, or if you prefer try a herbal oil infusion to marinade poultry. You can read more here about ideas for recipes rotisserie chicken fans will love.

Another great suggestion is to make tangy fresh fruit chutneys to accompany meals with meat. These really do deliver on taste and keep well for up to a week in a refrigerator. If you have ever made your own jams or chutneys, you have seen how much sugar goes into commercially made products – for diabetics these are out.

We leave all shop bought dry rubs well alone because of the added salt or sugar and we don’t make many up at home, preferring a wet marinade anyway. Apart from Indian food – and then only freshly ground spices do the job properly.

Close the kitchen door unless you want the rich pungent aroma traveling all around your home and lingering in the cushion fabric and bathroom towels! Truly, the taste of rotisserie chicken or lamb left to absorb crushed spices for a few hours prior to cooking, is sensational. Try this rotisserie chicken rub with Indian spices, heat to taste.

Don’t Invite Diabetes Into Your Life

If you are someone who depends rather too much on ready cooked food and take outs, please, I beg you, take a little time to make some changes in your diet and move to a less sugary and fat laden way of eating. Diabetes has some painful, miserable and lethal consequences, most of which you don’t know exist until it happens to you or someone close to you.

Why not try our low fat recipes rotisserie chicken eaters will love – also low or zero sugar so safe for diabetics – and see if you can’t make changes today that will have a positive effect on all your tomorrows. Do let us know how you get on won’t you?

And don’t forget, if you have any sugar free recipes diabetics will love or low fat rotisserie cooking tips and you’d like to share with others, then do let us know on the contact form below – we’d love to try them ourselves.

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Low Fat Mediterranean Flavor Recipes Rotisserie Chicken Fans Will Love

recipe rotisserie chickenChicken is brilliant at absorbing aromas as well as flavors which is why herbs all work so well in marinades and rubs.

With a bit of ingenuity you can use a very different recipe rotisserie chicken eaters will love, either for dinner or as aromatic fillings for healthy sandwich lunches pretty much every day.

Trying To Cut Salt?

Lemon makes a great alternative for salt, something in the sharp freshness masks it beautifully and if you cut salt out for a few days, the palate adjusts so you don’t miss it anymore.

A good marinade base is dry white wine. It is fine to use this for insulin dependent diabetics because the marinade is thrown away, lending only a very small amount of wine to the final dish.

Mediterranean Rotisserie Chicken

Combine 1 teaspoon of olive oil with a tablespoon of chopped Marjoram or Oregano. Add half a glass of dry white wine and one or two cloves of crushed garlic to taste. We love the strong flavor of olives so often add a good half a cup, well chopped and finally a teaspoon or so of tomato puree.

You can stop at this point or add half a teaspoon of freshly ground pepper. Another option is fresh citrus shavings, lemon or lime works best with chicken and you can add a teaspoon or even two for a stronger flavor.

Put the chicken into a plastic bag, pour on the mixture, then manipulate until the chicken is well covered, seal before chilling for several hours or overnight if you can. One more tip we picked up was to bring meat and poultry out of the fridge and allow it to reach room temperature before draining the marinade which is discarded and putting in the rotisserie oven.

Temperature affects the cooking time and makes it more likely food will cook on the outside, not on the inside. In hot weather try and put it somewhere warmer than the refrigerator but cool enough to keep it fresh until it warms a little anyway.

And finally, when the timer goes and you’ve checked the internal temperature, remove the food from the machine and allow it to rest so the natural juices which have bubbled up throughout cooking, return inside the meat adding to tenderness and flavor.

rotisserie chicken rubFancy Something Spicy?

Indian spices work fantastically well so check out this Indian style rotisserie chicken rub. You can play around with the spices, add your favorites and remove those you prefer to leave out.

Because you are in charge of the chilli in the marinade, it gets done to taste, so everyone can enjoy this one. Once cooked there are several great ways to serve it either for a light lunch or main meal.

rotisserie chicken rub recipe tandoori styleTry This Rotisserie Chicken Rub With Exotic Spices

The pungent scent of Indian spices cooking in this Indian style rotisserie chicken rub, is out of this world as is the flavor of rotisserie chicken covered in a blanket of spices.

The tandoori oven is similar in cooking style to a rotisserie oven – so these recipes work very well in either.

If you are in a hurry and can’t wait for a whole chicken to cook, then chicken quarters or legs can be used just as well instead with excellent results in half the time.

Tip – Make the marinade a few hours before adding the chicken to allow the spices and flavors chance to permeate into the yoghurt. If you really prefer a dry rub, omit the yoghurt.

You can use this exact same recipe to have tandoori fish – salmon is always a great choice and fast cooking.

Whole Chicken Tandoori

4-5lb whole chicken washed inside and out then patted dry or 4-6 chicken quarters


  • 1 tablespoon Greek-style natural yoghurt
  • One inch finger of fresh ginger peeled and finely chopped
  • 1 large or two small garlic cloves finely chopped
  • Quarter or half teaspoon of red chilli powder, or to taste – this doesn’t have to be hot
  • Juice from one medium lemon plus a teaspoon of zest
  • Take a generous pinch of fennel seeds
  • Optional – 1 tsp garam masala (see below to find out more)
  • 1 good glug of oil – groundnut or another non burning vegetable oil
  • Use a pestle and mortar to grind a good pinch of cardamom seeds (podded)
  • One pinch of salt (optional)


  • Combine all the ingredients in a large bowl
  • Prick the chicken all over with a fork and completely coat it
  • Leave to marinade for a few hours or overnight if possible
  • Remove from the mixture which you now discard and allow excess to drain off
  • Allow the chicken to regain near room temp before cooking
  • Place in your rotisserie and cook until the internal temperature is

Serving Ideas

rotisserie chicken rub1. Wrapped in a warm tortilla with salad and fresh homemade mango chutney (diabetic friendly)
2. With Aloo Gobi and Basmati Rice
3. Simply with a salad or grated cabbage, carrot and onion mix

Garam Masala

The variety of spices in Garam Masala is very different depending on the region of India it comes from.

Garam refers to the heat rather than the spices and again this is regional – none of the mixtures is judged as better than another. A typical Indian version will have the following making up its ingredients.

  • Cloves
  • Cinnamon
  • Cumin Seeds
  • Mixed peppercorns
  • Black, green and red Cardamom pods

If you are looking for a less spicy meal then try our recipes rotisserie chicken fans are going to love, with Mediterranean herbs and garlic.

Ronco Showtime Standard

Ronco Showtime Rotisserie Review

Model: Standard – ST4023SSGEN

Review Author:

Review Date: October 10, 2012

Summary: The Ronco Showtime ST4023SSGEN home rotisserie grill is one of the top sellers. Takes up to a 15lb turkey and comes with accessories including gloves and ties.

Rating: Ronco Showtime ST4023SSGEN Review RatingRonco Showtime Review RatingRonco Showtime Review RatingRonco Showtime Review RatingRonco Showtime Review Rating (4.2 / 5)

Ronco Showtime ST4023SSGEN Features:

  • Rotisserie controls include normal rotation, no-heat rotation, or pause-to-sear
  • Nonstick rotisserie basket, rotisserie spit, and spit loading/carving base
  • Drip tray and grate cover; 2-hour auto timer; dishwasher-safe parts
  • Measures 12-1/2 by 14 by 11 inches, just 14″ wide at the base
  • Includes heat proof gloves and ties
  • 6-month limited warranty

Ronco Compact Showtime Rotisserie 3000 Range Updated

Very popular and rightly so, is the Ronco Showtime Rotisserie range, within which there are several models worth a closer look and here attention is turned to the Ronco Showtime Compact Rotisserie (Model No ST4023SSGEN) which is another great appliance aimed at those of us with smaller kitchens – or maybe a holiday home.

The appliance housing is forged in stainless steel and looks the part. It has a neat compact design that will fit right into any style and any décor without spoiling your color scheme.

Petite yet packed full of features it will cook right up to a 10lb Christmas bird or alternatively two three pound chickens so not as limiting as you might have thought. And it all fits into a 12.5 inch x 14 x 11 inch space on your worktop.

This Ronco Showtime comes complete with a non-stick rotisserie basket and a sturdy rotisserie spit. There is a spit carving and loading tray which is very convenient where workspace is tight plus the drip tray, grate cover and other useful rotisserie accessories.

Quite a lot of appliances are sent out with no booklet or cooking instructions, but not this one – you get a recipe book with timings and some cool meal ideas. With the easy clean stainless steel finish, removable dishwasher safe glass door and rotisserie baskets you won’t ever be faced with a toothbrush style clean-up again.

Two handy cleaning tips are firstly to line the drip tray with foil and chuck the whole lot out after cooking and when cool enough. Secondly, clean everything when the rotisserie is still warm rather than cold because once the fat sets, wiping isn’t an option.

There are so many herbs, spices and seasonings you can add. Its best to use either a dry rub or a marinade – both will infuse your meat with subtle flavors and presenting barbeque baby ribs or fantastic herby chicken to a hungry family is a cinch.

The reviews on this are really positive and you can read them by clicking below. Ronco themselves call this a ‘set and forget’ appliance and it really is, with plenty of preset times for the novice or reluctant cook!

If you’ve been looking for a small rotisserie still packed with big features then the Ronco Showtime Compact Rotisserie just might be the right one for you and is definitely worth a closer look.

What’s Good

  • Very easy to use and to clean
  • More options on cooking such as the pause and sear, which is missing with other low-mid range models in most other brands

What’s Not So Good

  • Other Ronco models such as the Showtime Rotisserie Platinum Edition come with a full set of accessories including kebab rods and a variety of skewers plus a 10-inch enamel baking pan and 10-by-10-inch enamel broil rack
  • Some buyers have had issues with the warranty
  • The warranty is pretty short
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